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Pat just plays with him with that voice and that’s the Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988 Tee cue to make believe bite. People don’t get it. Chill out everyone… its just a game they play! Some dogs know its a game and he clearly shows it, he not being aggressive Quincy’s butt is in the air which in dog language means he is playing. He is even biting softly… its play people.  I do this to my dog Molly all the time she knows who the alpha is I can take her toy no problem but when I begin to play and say I’m gonna take your toy can I have it and go slow that’s when she get competitive and try’s to not let me take it just like Quincy course all the people that write bad comments don’t understand that it’s not teaching a dog to be aggressive it’s teaching them it’s okay to play a little rough sometimes but when I decide play times over I just reach for the toy and take it no nipping or barking maybe if you people thought about that instead of abuse you would see the dog is actually a very happy thing kand the dog is trained maybe if you watched all the Quincy videos you would know when he actually shows a video of Quincy doing tricks and taking the toys with no problem stop being so negative Nancy’s all the time if u don’t like the videos don’t watch and don’t comment.

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For finals, they should have used the moment in “Krusty Towers” when Patrick has to sign his name in the register. “I didn’t know there was a test! I didn’t study!” . Y’all so called animal experts need to chill the fuck out for real this dog is just fine. He is one happy lil cube tip pup I play like this with my Carin terrier Dallas. After I get done she comes up nibbles my hand and goes down into play motion my dog is highly trained so is this dog y’all need to chill for real can’t no one enjoy anything anymore smdh. Why is everyone saying that the dog is going to have a nervous breakdown, me and my dog always do this sort of thing and after she’s all playful and if you don’t like the video then why whatch. Sorry I don’t find this funny at all if this was a bully breed doing this you guys would not find this funny this is teaching the dog bad behaviour and your praising this dog for it what if this dog bites a kid will it still be funny??. This is horrible, you are teaching the dog to be aggressive, and this is extremely stressful for your dog, if you really do love your Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988 Tee get a recommendation from your Vet for a good dog trainer. He’s letting Quincy do that.

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