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Crazy insurance cost, rising fuel prices, taxes, labourers who don’t actually want to work, stricter regulations, people who move in next to a farm and then start a battle over the smells the only way a “small” farm will succeed now is if they are around 4-7000 acres. that is now a small farm that three people can operate. farming is big business, land is skyrocketing in price and machinery is also on the same trend. most people don’t understand that it will take a young farmer most of his life to just pay back the loan for the land and the machinery will never be owned cause just when you get it paid it will be worn out and you will need to replace it. it takes no time at all to rack up a couple million in machinery debt, then you have three or four times that in land to pay off. i guess what i am saying is that young people no longer have the desire to farm. they would rather take the money from the land and live in the city, it’s just easier that way.Don't have sex with a guy who won't eat you out first hoodie

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