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I guess you’re right in saying that I should not paint everyone with the same brush. My intentions was really not to do that. I was really talking about my own experience. I’m sure there are great farm owners like yourself and I’m happy to know that. Essential my concerns and comments like I said was directly related to a specific area. I was just thinking that the majority of farm owners were the same. Thanks for letting me know that there is still good people out there.
Id say so. Its become corporate for much of it. Our agricultural sector also has issues supporting local. The excuse “No Canadian will do it!” is overused. Canadians work many other rough neck sectors like forestry and mining. Canadians just won’t do it at the rate offered with the combined fact of there being no long term security.
Supply management killed the family farm in the late 70s. We are just seeing the demise of the last few families that hung on.Good buds stick together hoodie

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