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Oh my god Rob Flynn III, its almost like you’re a delusional douchebag who actually believes that nonsense.  Angus Michie the game is free to play this guy needs to chill out or maybe he should try fix the “bugs” that I can’t seem to find… Harrison Gordon we must dismantle capitalism so I can earn money to pay back my degree in Greek translation.  I know capitalism works so well. Like everyone just wants to help each other more than themselves; basic human nature imo. They tried that and everyone bitched and moaned because they couldnt play fortnite for a day. Before making a idiotic comment you should probably research how game companies and game development works… (hint: divisions) Sadly you have most likely ate one to many pods to do any research so instead you blindly complain about something you have no clue about. Harrison Gordon only basic human nature for selfish cucks, we need capitalism so I can stay at home and play fortnite and get paid. Anyone saying the game is still” a beta and in progress” you guys really are stupid. You can purchase the full story, you can purchase many thing in game. This IS the game. Not the beta or anything like that. It’s the full game.  Chuck Vallance it’s a free game, early access, and blew up far beyond what they were able to handle. Angus Michie hmm good question. Maybe he took a break from his very busy schedule to channel his inner keyboard warrior.  Harrison Gordon I fell asleep halfway through a genderstudies and economics lecture, I’d say I’m pretty well educated thank you very much.  This is the first new Content Update. This means you don’t need to download a patch this week but will still get to see some new content. 

Fortnite Legend Shirt

Going forward we’ll be doing a full downloadable patch every 2 weeks and a Content Update in the week between that. This new cadence allows us to iron out more complex bugs, while continuing to provide fun content every week. Lag= get better internet. As for everything else;
1. It’s free
2. You know it’s in beta form!? Yeah??? Guys I think we’re all missing the main point here, fortnite is a game made by globalist in order to distract us from the chem trails in the air and the chemicals in the water that’s turning the frogs gay. Trent Costigan there is a difference between lag and ping to game servers.

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