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I am looking forward to seeing it tomorrow. I don’t understand why movies make such a heavy use of the f-bomb. Maybe I live a sheltered Home Alone Kevin Christmas Tee, but people in my world don’t talk like that. It has become so commonplace that it is almost like “like” instead of having the impact it should have. To me, something has to be really bad to modify it with the f-bomb. The people portrayed in most movies are not the same as the people in your world. That is the way they talk and the excess use of certain words is not excessive to them at all. Sad but true. I agree with you on all points. For me, the excessive use of the F-bomb totally detracted from the movie. A drop here and there I can handle, but this much was completely unnecessary. Gaga and Bradley Cooper were both outstanding, however and I LOVED the majority of the music.

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Have already bought the soundtrack! This movie has been triggering most early on suicide loss folks warning if you’re in the early stages especially of this kind of loss, don’t see it . I’m a multiple suicide loss person far enough in the journey that if I decide to watch , it wouldn’t affect me anymore than the usual triggers. Yeah, and Macon, Georgia or Montgomery, Alabama would gives two sh-ts what a guy with a thick New York or Chicago accent showing up to tell them how to run their cities thinks. Go home, goober. He knows we just convicted one for 2nd degree murder doesn’t he? Or that the police ran a torture shop for decades? Leave us alone until you understand Chicago better. Then why are they admitting that they need to change because of officers who have abused their authority? I’m tired of the excuse that the consent decree makes it harder to do their jobs. It’s forcing them to do their jobs right. During the Stanley Cup seasons, Keith and Seabrook got all the accolades among the defensemen, but Hjalmarsson was the best defensive defenseman on the team. He is missed. Best D man and shot blocker, as so many have already mentioned. How many times, he’d get pummeled, leave for a shift, worry us, then be back like nothing happened. Tough dude. Miss him for sure. Stopped more shots than Crawford. The man is a shot blocking machine. Even in pain from one Home Alone Kevin Christmas Tee he would continue to block more on the same shift.

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