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But they are the first to win 73 Stan Lee 1922 2018 Thank You For The Memories Tee and lose while up 3-1 in the finals. When you can’t figure out if you should put diamonds or sapphires on the ring but you back to back world champions so you do both. Sure hope they have collars or other markers so these dogs all can be reconnected with their correct owners. If so, maybe trump could have used this Scottish system to reunite the children with their parents on the US border. I use time magazine to clean up dog crap they are so liberal they stink Elizabeth warren on cover what a friggin joke she has sandals on she is not running anything not only that why didn’t you use the caption is she a Indian heritage or did she use it for her own agenda she wont win because trump will cream her she calls trump names and says he is a liar who is the liar miss Pocahontas!. They are getting their butts kicked. Steph nine points, Klay 8 points. KD the only one getting the ball in the net, at the half 24 points. Lights out for me. ow about a Golden Girls cheesecake? 

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That would be more appropriate. Im a jambo and thats a joke the SFA really need to get collum demoted for that desicion its never a red card, and for the appeal to be rejected is even worse theres nothing in that tackle deemed wreckless or out of control he takes the ball, shockin desicion. Golden Girls Midnight Snack Cheesecake.Absolutey farcical the SFA has shown itself to be. Scott the fd Brown and that Morelas kicking out when he got a we tap on the shoulder is red cards and that is i slipped and lost the ball and handed the English premier ship Gerrard has comments about Sevco getting all the decisions against them since becoming a new club is a joke. Technically it’s a red, lunges in with both feet off the ground. Studs up and with his leading foot over the top of the ball. Seems very convenient that the sfa should wait until after collum is announced as the Stan Lee 1922 2018 Thank You For The Memories Tee for the derby on Sunday before releasing this. Gary should not have gone for the ball but swiped at it violently. And been wearing a Rangers or Celtic shirt.

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