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Can I order this & come get it? I live in The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Tee & DESPERATELY want this for my daughter! OMG it is ace though! Maybe we can start a cake decorating course and we can do it ourselves by next June!. I agree with you. The customer asked for it to be colorful like this to match her decorations. I feel like I remember you saying something about unicorns, or maybe it’s just because you wanted the unicorn patch with the spaceship lol but thought you’d find this cute, babe we should of done this one maybe all ur crazy driving would of made up for how smashed the cake was, didn’t I see that someone made a unicorn cake for one of your kids not to long ago?! Here’s another cute/funny one! I think we need to take your clay sculpting abilities and apply them to fondant!!!! Mom can make the cake, I know how to do that frosting and you could do the unicorn. I need to have a girl. And she needs to have a magical unicorn birthday party. But instead of the cute magical unicorn cake. Boom. This is the one. I didn’t realize how much Riley is into baking! She loves that show nailed it! I think her and Ashlynn can start their own business with Riley being the Baker and Ashlynn planning and decorating and the twins will be the entertainment! That’s a golden plan!.

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I just love this the chubby little u corn that’s so full and chubby from eating 2 much cake I’d like 2 have 1 of these made they r so beautiful it makes u not wanta eatem just look atem all day. You’re the first thing that came to mind when I seen this. I thought it was a perfect mix of you and Katie. Katie with the unicorn theme, you with the placement of the unicorn. I hope I get to see you before March but if not we’re gonna meet up for my birthday and I WILL be bringing this cake! gives me an idea for a gender reveal. like it starts as a plain white butter cream cake, but you turn it and its a sleeping baby ( or unicorn cuz hey) with the genders colors. We are have my daughters birthday aug 18th would you be able to make this for us. She wants different colors I could sent you the colors if you can do it!!! Even tho you can’t top my pole dancing unicorn you did last year, I would like this cake for my birthday this year please. Thank you. Omg at first glance I thought that unicorn was the The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Tee from the Pixar short and I was like what kind of sick joke is this she eats EVERYTHING. But it’s a unicorn.

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