Do you belive in “Stronger Than Hate”

I think people are beginning to see the human cost of his hate filled rhetoric. His supporters are weak minded anyway, and when he doesn’t explicitly condemn racial, ethnic or religious violence…they consider that his seal of approval for their hate crimes. I voted for that lunatic and because of all this hate he is spewing…I’m voting for ANYBODY that doesn’t support him! Let the top 1% find another hero. We the People see this side. The media sees that too, but they don’t want people to know because it doesn’t go with their Stronger Than Hate. The President is not perfect and like many of us has many flaws. But in all my years I have never seen a President with this much love and pride for his Country. Keith Doswell stay on the plantation with the other libtards. Sad sack of humanity.. you are pathetic example of what an American should be. Do us all a favor and go back to Niger.  

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Ramon Alexis Castillo Laracuente exactly he is not a polished politician. He is far from perfect but we all are! He is just right out there with his words , crass and all, but he wants to do well and do what’s safe for us and our country, but he is not good at 24/7 vicious criticism and untruths over and over so he is defensive. Ramon Alexis Castillo Laracuente where the hell have you been hiding under a rock. That man oops sorry that boy has nothing but hate and you would know that if you listen to him. But then I am sure you do listen to him and just don’t care that means you are just like him and full of hate. Bless your heart. Jodi Wagner Maybe you should take your case to cnn’s don lemon , you people worship him and all the people on this network , they say the most horrid things and you all give them a pass, very sad. Your woman march leader is against Jews , yet she tries to come out and say she felt bad for the people that just lost their loved ones who were shot by a leftist . All of your women’s march leaders have ties to Louis Farrakhan who preaches hate and called Jews termites who need to be exterminated , yet they all get a pass by you and your leftist friends and politicians . Ben and Jerry’s ice cream belongs to your party as well going so far as to make stupid hateful gestures with an ice cream flavor and donated to your women’s march knowing that the top leaders involved have close ties to Stronger Than Hate, yet they all get a pass , yeah you are right , what a joke .

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