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The NCAA rules required MSU to cede the field to Michigan for stretching/warm-ups at 10:00. This occurred at 10:11. Michigan has every right to be on the Michigan Revenge Tour, and should not have to curtail their warmups let alone be assaulted. If this is such a glorious MSU tradition, they should be disciplined enough to do it in their own time on the field. If they could unlock arms for the coach and make room for the camera man they could have done the same for the Michigan players. Don’t make excuses and turn a blind eye to what happened. They tried to run those guys off the field. State walks across the field like that at every home game, the other teams respect that and step aside for the tradition, U of M players however decided to act childish and disrupt it. Which team was bush league. No dog in the fight, go Bama, but what is Bush league Harbaugh is that you had two players on the field disrupting an opposing teams home tradition, and you’re ok with your players actions smh. Ok come on what did Michigan State players think would happen walking on to the field like that while Michigan players were warming up.

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Do they really think they would just get out of the way. No they were hoping for a reaction. So don’t take the high road when you get one. Dominating performance for the maize and blue today in East Lansing. The Ohio Buckeyes have been put on notice. Barack Harbaugh and the boys will be gunning for the huge upset at the Horseshoe on 24 November! I’m not a huge Harbaugh guy, but he’s right. That march across the field is purely an intimidation maneuver. Both teams are allowed to warm up on the field. Harbaugh is correct, it’s a “bush league” move. No big ten titles Jimmy 3 behind dantonio take the only trophy you’ve one twice and bye the way sparty is the only big ten team that’s beat Meyers lol you guys are lame. The camera men take pictures for the team duh they’re working for MSU not Michigan like clearly they did what they wanted. Lots of home teams interrupt warmups and stuff. Ever go to high school ever play sports or are you quadriplegic? The college football rivalry is stupid… universities, colleges, and sports media has thoroughly created a marketing tactic to boost interest in ticket sales, gambling, and T.V. revenue… for years has players, coaches, and fans angry about nothing real Michigan Revenge Tour but winning a game to brag about.


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