Galileo thunderbolt and lightning very, very frightening me Tee

What are you smoking? How can it be the worst officiated game in history and both teams still in the 1 and 1 at the end?  Why is a Wisconsin fan even talking atleast we have a championship. And yes the refs were for unc just like the Arkansas game, if you didn’t notice than you’re just an idiot who needs to learn basketball. Agreed officials haven’t been very stellar, what’s even more shameful is when you don’t have a dog in the fight and you are just stating the obvious that officials are blind, people in FB think you’re whining. Christopher Orso, SEC Nation at halftime also called the Florida SC game. Florida just 20 minutes away from the final four. Bahaha how stupid they was when they posted that for thousands to see. And screen shot and share and reshare.

Galileo thunderbolt and lightning very, very frightening me shirt
You look just as stupid. It was a bad officiated game but doesn’t matter , I don’t see either of these two teams beating the Oregon Ducks. Congrats on 8 titles…now if you could fix the massive EBT and welfare poverty in your state of kentucky and get everyone a new set of teeth you’d be set. Oh no not a Notre lame fan,ironically you were a victim of one of those 38 in a row!! Win or lose im a Kentucky fan and i know win or lose when we play were ALWAYS involved in the best games to watch period! Every game we play is a tournament game all year! Hats off to Roy and the heels hope they cut down the nets we can say we lost to the champs in a classic game!!! David House do we….1’s better than zero….how many teams have 1 at least? what less than 5% of all schools combined? some haven’t even GOTTEN to the final 4.. like gonzaga and South carolina…they have a chance to win #1..sorry wisconsin can’t get star recruits like all the southern schools….we get walk ons.  After a loss… Kentucky basketball fans = Bama football fans.  ? ? ?. Roy Williams outcoached Cal in the final minutes by going to the zone. Wisconsin sucks in every sport…that why their womens hockey have won 5 nat’ titles in the last 10 years ….that”s why their football team ALWAYS gets to bowls and have won 3 in a row….wisconsin is one of the ONLY program where both the football has gotten to bowls and the b-ball has gotten to the sweet 16 combined in consecutive years ( longest streak recently )….but yeah we suck. How about you stick to masturbating in your grandma’s basement instead of talking sports, Casey Freedlund? When was the last time you got laid without paying for it? Stick to masturbating in your grandma’s basement instead of talking sports Casey Freedlund.

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