LGBT I licked it so it’s mine shirt

I really like this Dog Lovers page but I wonder if people read the posts. Kelli Carlsen, you have already posted several times that you have been to see the vet.including an Update in your original LGBT I licked it so it’s mine shirt.

LGBT I licked it so it’s mine shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Well you have taken him to the vet so now it’s a waiting game. Praying it was just a temporary or passing thing.
I am no vet but, my past experience would suggest possible upcoming seizures. Also, my peek-a-poo had the same LGBT I licked it so it’s mine shirt after a possum fight. When I caught possum breaking into my screened in porch, he/she/it was hissing directly in my dogs face. My Baby never showed signs of being bit. However, the head shaking only got worse. This info. is not intended to worry you. It is only my opinion as what you might need to watch for.

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