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They don’t mention that the French’s real plan was to invade US while they were fighting against each other. North America wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Cinco de Mayo… If you read the entire article it states that the holiday is widely celebrated in the states that have a large Hispanic population. Have you ever heard the term Thanos Salt Bae Shirt? Well, this one’s a Corona Holiday. Seriously!

Its the day the mexican “peoples army” beat a professional french army in a major battle that lead to the french finally pulling out of mexico … their winning the battle finally paved the way for their freedom from other countries ruling over them…and their becoming a “country”… Because there are so many illegals here they have to celebrate something other than stealing from americans… America kinda stole AMERICA from The real americans that are nowadys called native americans…. Oh and california new mexico texas half of oregan from mexico . Native Americans had no concept of ownership…Plus native americans fought with each other over it…and we won the land from mexico… they are trying to get it back by invading… No one is invading…funny comments…do not forget your country was built by inmigrants. Yeah..native americans do not have concept of ownership so it must be easy to take their lands. C’mon man…Im sure you are smarter than that.  Your right..,millions of illegals spilling over the border…lets not call that an invasion….While, past immigrants came here LEGALLY… Legally?? They had to slaughter many natives to keep their lands…how come that’s legal? Ask a native about ownership….Im pretty sure they will disagree with you.

Thanos Salt Bae Shirt

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BTW, not all mexicans in the US are illegal. Legality is written by the victors…You are correct..not every mexican in the US is illegal…I am all for legal immigration….The illegals no matter what race who subvert our laws and then demands a job,healthcare or welfare are what I am talking about…Currently the vast majority of them are from Mexico or Central America due to proximity and the US Governments lack of border security… I don’t blame you for being upset, I was born here so I’m American but my parents get everything free, they got a huge house. The swimming pool is bigger than my white friend shirt. All free! I get free cable too. I don’t celebrate this day cinco de mayo i was not born in Mexico thats there holiday, mine is the fourth of July!!!  So, History channel only talks about history on their FB page? I remember when you people actually had education on your channel…..good times. Lol yeah I agree. And lately it seems like they’re concerned with dumb historical things, as if the network is staffed by the kids who barely passed history class in school. Sorry but Cinco de mayo is a very pathetic holiday. The mexican army got lucky because they were uphill, It was raining, the french were not really prepared because they got over confident and It was only a battle, the French won the war, they left because they felt Mexico was worthless to keep and they had more important stuff to take care of( no offense but It’s true ) I was born in Mexico and I’m mixed with french, so I’m mexi-french, I guess lol. Just because I was born there doesn’t mean I have to be proud of anything, My nationality is Earthling.  To those mexicans ignorants that say that is not a holiday in mexico… Go back to school… Its is a very important holiday in mexico, most goverment agencies and offices, schools, have a day off… Everyone wears Thanos Salt Bae Shirts. There a military parade to celebrate it… So please, stop showing your ignorance, no wonder the US has such a bad image of us mexicans… The last time I checked July 4th was still the United States Independence Day.

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