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If we were intolerants then you, after doing all the activities & so many loose comments, would be seen hiding your face by wearing Chachi 420 costumes due to our fear. KH. Absolutely. Time to become intolerant. The fact that the people of the nation are letting you misuse your freedom of speech and talk about Nebraska Republic Shirt how tolerant we are. Truth is always bitter. Just introspect into your life first before commenting on the largest democracy in the world. As u are willing to be active politician and elections are on the way; country became intolerant… Until these decades when u were a super star and earned millions; all was fine and remember this country and people made u what u are. Don’t put your personal perception to whole nation. We are together much before British invasion, living in harmony post independence and will live together irrespective many politicians like you will come and go. India is diversive and will remain united. That’s our strength and that is true democracy. 

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Who the hell does he think of himself? Just because his films did well that does not make him talk shit!!! Why should we? Boss you act we appreciate. You give Gyan we just shut you up. Draw your line. Your intelligence ends so far as your acting. Film stars should do themselves a favour and not open their mouths on non-cinema topics. Entire industry is totally mobbed up; murky as hell. Bhai talk to this people who oppose NRC explain them your thoughts about India’s intolerance,at least do something good before you die like a dog. Yes Mr. Filth thats true supporting army, gavt, bation and objection aginst anti national is intolerence then filth like u you are correcrt. Get lost you. Yes India is intolerant because of congress mamata lalu and congress alliance partners with sponsored film personality like kamal hassan. He is in the italian born woman ‘s house for several years All evil & communal & corrupt practices r his brain childs Most notorious character He must be taught lessons immediately before it is too late. Sedition & treason cases should be filed against them. These scroundls should be jailed for waging war against the nation. The voters of West Bengal should feel shame about these people they have sent to centre as their representative. These TMC people are real threat to this country. All those who have made ruckus in the airport with security personnel who have very big responsibility in hand must be booked and sent inside Nebraska Republic Shirt .

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Anarchy must be dealt with iron fist. I appreciate Pakistan only for one reason, punishment for treason is death. I think took much freedom leading to abuse of it’s existence. 

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